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In a period where technological advances do not stop, more and more companies are choosing to train their employees on online platforms instead of face-to-face classes, mainly for cost and practicality. Currently, the LMS system is the most used style, as it combines several functionalities and is accessible from anywhere.

But what exactly is an LMS system? When deploying any training and development programremotely, it is very important to know how an LMS system works and to have an effective platform at hand that meets the needs of the company. Based on this, we will help you understand what the LMS system is, what it is capable of and what the advantages of using it are. Come on?

Note that apart from the LMS, we find the CMLS (Content Management Learning Systems). The difference between an LMS and a CMLS is that an LMS is used for students to take online courses and a CMLS is used for teachers or training professionals to develop, usually in a collaborative way, the contents of online courses. 





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